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Armageddon Expo Wellington Review

Friday 10 Jun 9:27 AM

Here is our event review and thoughts. This is also posted on the event facebook, so please post your pictures and more there.
Auckland details will start to pop up on this website over the next few weeks, with our initial guest announcements planned to commence Monday July 4th.

The Zone presented – Armageddon Expo Wellington, June 4-6th 2016
The last trumpet has sounded and Wellygeddon 2016 is all done for the year.
Fifteen years since the first Armageddon Wellington, commencing in September 2001 (only 3 days after 9/11) and Armageddon continues to grow and evolve with 20,000 attendees making the trek to Wellington for Wellygeddon 2016.

Starting at the Michael Fowler Centre and quickly growing into the TSB Arena and when we hit maximum capacity there, moving to the only venue large enough for the expo, the Westpac Arena. At the Cake tin (as its known locally) the event have expanded into double the size it was before, with new exhibitors and displays, more guests and activities.

This year’s event featured one of our most diverse guest line-ups at any of our events with two lead actors from current TV series, our first Wrestling guest for Wellington and more. The primary layout change this year included the opening of the inner stadium with nonstop anime screenings thanks to AnimeLab, this eased the flow around the event considerably and gave a considerable amount of additional seating to the event. The upstairs Cosplay lounge was also well received.

The fine weather all weekend also had a major effect, with many attendees taking advantage of the forecourt area with Cosplayers in particular enjoying the extra space.

Returning to Queens Birthday long weekend, the event was the featured attraction of the NZ Comic Con festival, which had geeks from across the country participating in various fantasy and fun events including the $3000 scavenger hunt, gallery events, WellyCon and Au Contraire conventions, evening parties and quizzes, Zinefest, music and much more. NZCC is into its second year and we have high hopes to continue to grow this event further each year into a true geek experience.

Changes for 2017 are already in the planning stages, primarily from reviewing sound issues that continue to dog the main stage area and taking into account the fuller layout for the event. Plans for 2017 currently include.

- Moving the main stage into the inner stadium completely. This will open up a lot of seating and remove the sound issues. We have been exploring this option for a while but feel that the time has come to make the change and that we have the facilities to handle any weather issues doing this will bring.

- Adding in more entertainment options. This has been an issue with layout, but with the moving of the Main stage, that larger area now opens up and we can place or move events there. Currently we are planning to place Lasertag onsite, move the Wrestling to that area and work on a larger gaming area and add in yet unplanned events.

- Revising the event guest line-up. There has become an obvious strong desire amongst fans for larger, more high profile media guests. This can be difficult to make a reality with conflicting schedules and events, however for 2017 our aim (at all of our events) will be to have a slightly reduced number of media guests, but with bigger bang for attendees.

We plan to be on Queens Birthday weekend again in 2017 and will confirm dates once the schedule confirms.

#Auckgeddon (Auckland Armageddon) announcements will be posted from Early July, however stand by for some interesting updates in June.

Wellington 2016 event Media coverage
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Below are some links to photos from the event.
Dusk of Dawn Photography

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Behind The Themes
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